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2021 1200×800 Colored Art Mosaic Paving Floor Cabinet Bathroom usage Counter top Background Wall Slabs Terrazzo Tile

2021 1200×800 Colored Art Mosaic Paving Floor Cabinet Bathroom usage Counter top Background Wall Slabs Terrazzo Tile

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• Installation Convenience

• Resource Regeneration

• High Applicability

• Cost Controllable

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Terrazzo is a composite material.It is made of cement, marble or granite aggregates and pigments. It can be finished in polished, honed, leather-brushed or sandblasted. It is a eco-friendly environmental building material.

It is customizable and is considered by today's architects and designers to be a contemporary flooring and wall material for interior and exterior decoration.

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Terrazzo is a material used to decorate floors and walls; it is made with marble, brass or glass elements placed into a coloured liquid pigmented cement base. Upon completion of the hardening stage, polishing will reveal the beauty of the decorative chips. Terrazzo and Granita tiles follow the same manufacturing process, however, Terrazzo tiles display textures with larger chips or pieces while Granita tiles are more uniform, simply reinforced with fine-grain glass or marble aggregates. Terrazzo has been known since the middle ages, manufactured at the time with lime. The arrival of Portland cement and the industrial revolution helped increase its use considerably, reaching its height between the 40s and 60s. Brought back to the spotlight recently as a warm and versatile decorative element, Terrazzo can be easily customized and adapted to any decorative style. MOSAIC Factory manufactures a wide range of customization Terrazzo tiles, in various sizes and shapes, for floors and walls. Lightweight, easy to install, durable and perishable, Terrazzo tiles are manufactured in 5 to 6 weeks in thicknesses ranging from 14 to 20mm.

The most typical is to do engineering, such as the following case:

The project consists of the complete renovation of a medium-sized apartment for a young Milanese couple.

After a careful evaluation of the potential of the spaces in relation to solar lighting, the internal distribution has been completely overturned compared to the current state, effectively inverting the living and sleeping areas.

Entering the apartment, a suggestive perspective accompanies the gaze up to the living area: this corridor has been ennobled on one side by a recess covered in a tropical wallpaper that marks the entrance to the room, and on the other by a long custom-made wardrobe system , which creates a continuous front hiding the irregular spine wall of the house in the process.

This bespoke system accommodates various functions inside itself: a niche for hanging jackets and placing objects on entering the house, wardrobe spaces, kitchen columns and the sofa headboard, thus becoming an essential element of the home and enriching the corridor of many uses and functions.

The choice for the general color palette is oriented towards light and neutral shades, starting with the light Grey resin that makes up the flooring of the whole house, with the exception of the existing herringbone parquet present in the former bedroom, which has been preserved and essentially serves as a carpet for the living area. 

The neutral, warm and relaxing tones chosen for surfaces and material, are interspersed with moments of strong chromatic contrast.

Product Name terrazzo mosaic tile
Material Terrazzo cement tiles
Color white, black,red,grey, yellow etc.
Standard size 30.5*30.5.30*30.30.5*61 etc.
Surface Finish Polished/honed
Finished products Sink, faucet, countertops, bar, floor tiles, laboratory top,etc.
Packing 5sheet/ CTN, 72CTN/Pallet
Advantage  A-Manufacturer
B-Rich Experience
C-Professional Working Team
D-Experienced and Strict QC Team
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